What my clients are saying…



I have to start by saying Katie is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. She takes the time to truly connect with what your goals are and allowed me to fully realize where I was getting in my own way. I now have strategies to live the life I've so long desired! She is truly a masterful coach...very kind, compassionate, open-hearted, and inspiring.



As someone prone to burnout with a high volume of stuff going on from all facets of my life, I was reluctant to add another “thing” to my plate. I’m so happy I decided to take on this coaching program with Katie. I ended up gaining MORE time and energy to accomplish everything in a way that felt honest, sincere and true.

I learned how to decrease stress and the overwhelm of never-ending responsibilities, to work toward specific attainable goals, focusing on time and energy management. Katie helped me identify how to create lasting change going forward. In just 3 months I learned how to shift my mindset and set habits for continued success. It was definitely worth the commitment and I highly recommend it.

Katie is very open and warm with an approach that steers you through the resistance when it comes up. The work isn’t always comfortable, but growth isn’t always comfortable and Katie offers a loving, accepting presence to light the path forward.



From the start, Katie came across in a way that seemed as though she had been doing this forever.

She pushed me to break habits I had never been able to break before; led me to realize which habits I was falling back on in order to cope with stress (& how to alleviate them in a more beneficial & healthy way); gave me the motivation to show up as a more centered person for not only her holding me accountable, but for myself.

Katie gave constant reassurance that I was doing exactly as I needed to, when I needed to, even if I felt I was backtracking.

All of the meditations we did throughout the program were perfectly guided (by her) & made me look forward to each session.

Each week’s action steps/guides were perfectly catered to what I needed to hold myself accountable for- if I didn’t finish them by the next session, Katie was understanding and supportive. She worked with me to find a more attainable goal or delved into why I didn’t complete them & we figured out a solution together.

My mood & overall affect were incredibly heightened after the session was over & I felt like I had a true friend in Katie- a confidant. She was a foundation to hold me down when I became anxious & felt out of control; she was a mirror to me & reflected what I wanted to see in the future-me.

This program has given me invaluable tactics & tools to use in the future. I was at a challenging crossroads in my life when I started this program & wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to give it (or myself) 100%.

As things progressed, I started noticing how much happier I was after the sessions & wanted to throw myself into what Katie was coaching me to do: for Myself & for My health.

Katie showed me that I can accomplish great things & that I am innately prepared for what life has to throw my way- I just have to trust myself & use healthy coping strategies to dive into the challenges & come out a stronger Me.

I have come away from this program knowing myself more, trusting myself more, being more confident, more happy, healthier (mentally & physically), feeling more well prepared, more grateful & appreciative, more open, more excited.

Katie is phenomenal & I would do this program over in a heartbeat if she hadn’t done such a wonderful job the first time!!