My Cleanse Friendly Costco Run

How many of you out there shop or used to shop at Costco or Sam’s Club? Do you have the perception that there aren’t “healthy” foods there? I did. I would go there for a few staple items that were organic produce or meat/fish but wouldn’t expect to find much else there, and I’d go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for the rest.


Candidly, I hadn’t been to Costco in awhile, but felt it was a good option for the Cleanse I was leading and also partaking in. I was BLOWN AWAY at the options!! So many clean, organic, and time-saving options! I’ve added my receipt here, and a picture of my cart to get you a sense of what I found and how well-rounded the options were there!

So here’s what I bought for $150:

(keep in mind that everything was MASSIVE quantities and ORGANIC!)

  • Brown Basmati Rice (microwaveable- time saver!)- 6 pouches $10.99

  • Blueberries- 2 lbs $8.99

  • Fiji Apples- 3 lbs $4.49

  • Riced Cauliflower (microwavable- again, time saver!)- 3lbs total, 4 pouches $5.99

  • ‘Daily Green’ Juices- 9 bottles $19.99

  • Kiwis- 4 lbs $6.99

  • Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon- about 7 fillets $28.99 (on sale)

  • Brussels Sprouts- 2 lbs $5.49

  • Ground Turkey- 2, 1.5 lb packages $14.99

  • Bananas- 8 count bunch $1.99

  • Roasted Beets (time saver!)- 4 individual packs of 4-5 $7.99

  • Almond Crackers- 2 regular 8.5 oz sized bags $8.99

  • Spring Mix Lettuce- 1 lb $3.99

  • Butter Lettuce- 2 heads $4.49

  • Almonds- 1.7 lbs $14.99 (organic almonds ARE pricey, but I make two big jars of almond milk with only 3 cups of almonds, so it’s worth it to not buy almond milk and have it pure and organic!)

If you price out the cost per unit or serving of all of this, it’s shocking! I hope you found inspiration in investing in quality food for you and your family, knowing that it can be more affordable buying in bulk!