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My mission is to help driven career women who feel burned out get clarity and balance to be present in both their career and personal life, without sacrificing their health.

How did I get here? After a decade in corporate marketing with high profile tech, fitness apparel and organic food brands, I’m now immersed into the wellness industry, doing what I love, and couldn’t be happier. At the end of my corporate career I suffered from extreme exhaustion, known as “burnout,’ from working long hours, not taking care of my body, and not doing enough to nourish my soul. What felt like an immense struggle at the time led me to the best detour of my life.

I had hit rock bottom and knew there had to be a better way. My body had given up on me- I suffered from constant stress and anxiety, was always sick with a cold, had migraines nearly weekly, insomnia, debilitating chronic neck and back issues and even started to develop IBS. My relationships were suffering and I felt I had no choice but to give my job all I had left in me, otherwise there was no way I would succeed in it. This way of functioning not only depleted every area outside of my career, but it almost ended up costing me my health and sanity.

I had a feeling I needed a different career option, so I enrolled in a health coaching certification program with the Health Coach Institute. I didn’t know how I was going to manage my job, get certified, and take care of my health- but something about it felt right, even though I had no idea what my future was going to look like.

Fast forward a year after that date of enrollment…I completed not only one but two certifications in both Health Coaching and Life Coaching. I learned so much about myself in this year and got extremely clear about what I needed next. With the knowledge I gained from my certifications, it was substantially easier to maintain my general health and reduce the stress and anxiety I once struggled with, and I was sleeping much better. The part that I new I couldn’t fix while commuting 4+ hours each day was my chronic neck and back pain, that was leading to my migraines. I decided it was time to fully embrace what I had learned and leave my marketing position to heal myself.

During this time I reflected on my path and mission in life. I realized that everything had led me to a decision to leave the corporate world behind and focus on healing others experiencing a lack of balance in their lives due to their career. So, while on disability for my neck and back issues, I called my employer and quit. I still had more time left on disability with job protection, but I felt such a strong calling to help others get out of the dark hole I found myself in that I absolutely couldn’t wait another moment- I needed to answer the Universe and commit to fulfilling the path I was presented.

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I’m so grateful and extremely passionate sharing my expertise with my clients, so that they too can live a more vibrant and fulfilled life. I use methods and protocols I’ve learned in both my Health Coaching and Life Coaching certifications, as well as breathwork that I’ve found to be extremely efficient in getting clients from chronic stress and anxiety loops into calm and clarity. I also bring with me a B.A. in Communication from the University of California in Santa Barbara.

I’m so fulfilled by making a difference helping driven career women who are burned out move into balance and joy to be present in both their career and personal life without sacrificing their health. Seeing the transformation in my clients and the full life that opens up to them is everything. I know from experience that it's extremely hard to make the right choices and care for ourselves when we have so many obligations and little energy left at the end of the day, but I’m here to help with the solutions. Some women I speak to think the only option is to quit their job, but it’s not. I work with them to unravel what’s feeding the pattern their in, and what can be done to change the outcome to achieve their goals. Whether or not you want a different job, or a different career, or if you’d like to find a way to stay where you are, you CAN achieve balance and live with better health and happiness.

Many women I work with have tried traditional western medical practices to relieve various aches and pains, insomnia, digestive issues, and anxiety with minimal or temporary benefits. Most have also tried eastern approaches like acupuncture and still aren’t getting the results they want. Turning to a coach to help guide you on a path to healing through holistic practices provides support, accountability and the right protocols to work through and release a lifetime of patterning that predisposes certain individuals to burnout. We address the root causes and move through them with specific tools to empower not only change, but growth, to live the life you want.

It IS possible to have a career you desire, without putting your personal life and health last. Before this journey I was already passionate about eating clean, yoga and other healthy lifestyle practices, and even knowing all that I did, I wasn’t able to harness health and wellness in a real way, that could fit into the context of my busy life, without sacrifice.


Now, I’ve found healing, peace, and gained these invaluable tools to turn my life around and heal other women who are suffering. I founded True Body Wellness to help women everywhere in reclaiming their lives. I value enjoying our precious lives, acknowledging simple pleasures, and always growing towards greater empowerment to live the uniquely beautiful lives we’re all capable of having.

Your journey has lead you here, and if you’re experience all or part of what I have mentioned, I’m certain I can help you take back your health and life, without sacrifice. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall in life and remember a time you had more vibrance, more energy and better clarity, I’m here to tell you it is possible to reclaim this way of being. Together, we can bring you back to living a full and balanced life.

Our health should never suffer, no matter what external factors or pressures are placed on us. I want you to start living with renewed clarity, health and well-being, now.

I welcome you to take the first step in reclaiming your life by booking a complimentary session with me, just follow the link below. Baby steps lead to big changes. Book an appointment with me, and start moving in the direction of the brighter life that’s been waiting to have you back.

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Katie Dougherty resides in San Francisco, California and is dual certified from an International Coaches Federation accredited institution (HCI) as a Health Coach and Life Coach. You can see her corporate career path on LinkedIn.

Katie works with clients virtually from anywhere in the world and also conducts national workshops on wellness in corporate offices, fitness studios, and public events. If you’re interested in booking a workshop, please contact Katie via the below form, or email her at katie@truebodywellness.co

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